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LAMPRO International Distributor Summit: A Feast of Gathering and Future Prospect - Focus On Pro, Pro For Mate

Mar 06.2024

2024 LAMPRO International Distributor Summit Video

On March 2-3, right on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of LAMPRO, the International Distributor Summit was successfully concluded in Huizhou.  With the theme of "Focus On Pro, Pro For Mate", the summit attracted more than 200 partners from all over the world, sharing the development trend of the industry and advanced leading technology.  During the summit, LAMPRO held an appreciation award ceremony and signing ceremony as well for partners to co-build a partnership system and create a brighter future together.



At the summit, Sichuan opera performances, band shows, and other entertainment sessions created a warm homey vibe and a sense of comfort, so that every guest fully participated in and enjoyed the process.  Picture 4 shows that our partner took the initiative to sing on stage.


To share business insight opportunities with partners and demonstrate the vision of prosperous development, LAMPRO has elaborately planned the "Tree of Dreams" launching ceremony and the 20th-anniversary sand painting video.  In the beginning, Chairman Tiger Lin thanked all partners for choosing Unilumin and LAMPRO, and he emphasized in the opening speech, "It is vital to choose the right brand and bind with it, which will help you become an outstanding leader in the local area."  Afterwards, Mr. Lawrence Liu, General Manager of LAMPRO, shared the development strategy of LAMPRO partner system.  The project director introduced and demonstrated LMini and other major product series in details, which greatly boosted the confidence of LAMPRO global partners.



Furthermore, in order to thank partners for their support and seek mutual development, LAMPRO also held an awarding session, a signing ceremony, and a visiting journey to the Daya Bay intelligent manufacturing base on March 3, which better demonstrated the industry-leading intelligent manufacturing capabilities of LAMPRO and the high quality of products.  LAMPRO sincerely looks forward to establishing a closer cooperative relationship with global partners.  Partners said that they gained valuable friendship and cooperation opportunities at the summit, and also highly recognized the manufacturing strength and product capability of LAMPRO.




At the same time, elaborately arranged lucky draws pushed the atmosphere of the dinner party to a culmination, in which prizes included electronic equipment of well-known brands.  At the end of the dinner party, LAMPRO prepared unique souvenirs for each guest, including the mascot of the 20th anniversary of LAMPRO, hoping to leave an unforgettable impression on every partner.



Looking ahead, we expect to share greater joys of success with more partners in subsequent distributor summits, create a bright future, and display a better world together.